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Total Vein

Did you know that more than 80 million Americans suffer from some form of venous disorder? Venous disorders are very common and just like heart disease, high blood pressure or diabetes, they need to be treated. If you have tired, achy, or swollen legs, or if you see the start of varicose veins, Bali Surgical can help.

Dr. Bali has years of experience with vein procedures, and with his expertise, you'll be looking and feeling better in no time. Depending on your need, there are three procedures from which to choose.

The two most common vein problems are spider veins and varicose veins. Varicose veins occur when damage causes blood flow in the wrong direction. Blood pulls in the veins, causing them to swell. Symptoms include itchy, achy and swollen legs.

Spider veins are small blood vessels just below the skin's surface that become damaged, forming webs of blue, purple or red veins. These can occur due to heredity, injury, pregnancy or hormonal changes. While spider veins don't cause much physical discomfort, they're often unsightly, causing self-consciousness.

If you suffer from varicose veins, you may be a candidate for Laser Vein Therapy. It's a nonsurgical procedure to eliminate the appearance of varicose veins. Also called endovenous ablation, Laser Vein Therapy uses heat to treat varicose veins. The procedure only requires needle punctures, not incisions. Each vein is punctured with a needle, and a laser is delivered by a catheter into the vein. The heat source is then drawn backward, destroying the tissue and closing the vein behind it, which is absorbed by the body over time. The procedure only requires local anesthesia and takes about an hour. You'll be able to go home soon after the procedure and return to work and normal activities in one to two days.

If you have spider veins, ask Dr. Bali about sclerotherapy. This technique involves injecting a problem vein with a checmical, causing the blood vessel to close up and eventually disappear. This is a cosmetic procedure that helps eliminate the appearance of spider veins and can prevent spider veins from occurring. It's noninvasive and can be performed in a short office visit. It may take up to twelve weeks for the veins to disappear.

In some cases, surgery is needed to remove varicose veins – a procedure called microphlebectomy. Used to remove small varicose veins, microphlebectomy requires making small incisions through which a special hook is used to remove the veins. It's an outpatient procedure, so you can expect to go home within a few hours of the completion of surgery.

Ask Dr. Bali about your options through the Total Vein Center today. After a thorough evaluation, he will recommend a treatment plan specifically for you. Treatments can decrease or eliminate symptoms and improve your appearance. Don't waste time – get on the road to a healthier, better-looking you today.